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Shop for Little Packrats American-made Backpacks We stayed up late. We called in the very best number crunchers we knew. We found ways to be thrifty, super-thrifty, and even super-mongo-thrifty and yet we kept coming back to the same conclusion.

Making stuff here in America is hard. It’s not the making part that’s hard — cutting and stitching is the same- whether you’re in the middle of America or in the middle of China, India or Vietnam. What is hard is the money part.

Now more than ever we believe in the quality and integrity of American-made goods. And we love making packs, especially the ones with cute puppy dog ears and piggy tails and the characters that are your personal favorites. So we did the only thing we could think of to keep the sewing machines humming and the packs coming your way…

We’ve gone micro. We’ve gone back to the sewing machine. We’ve brought it all in-house. Literally. Selling direct to consumers like you allows us to continue to produce Little Packrats accessories here in the USA and sell them to you with a little bit left over to pay for Milo’s dog food and some college tuition. (Oh, yeah, those “little packrats” that inspired our backpack-making venture grew up and want to be engineers.) So tell your friends (facebook and otherwise), tell your neighbors, and tell your kid’s grandparents about Little Packrats. Together we can keep Americans working.

We’ve got your back America!
Our Pledge: Every bag from CBHstudio has been designed, cut, printed, stitched and inspected by American workers earning a fair wage.